From early on bangdesign has nurtured and valued their long-standing relationships, providing enduring opportunities to apply their passion for bringing people and design together.

bangdesign was founded on 6 key ideals…

“Process – design is a verb not a noun”… Process is important, design is creative problem solving by people for people.

“We thrive on diversity – the cross-pollination of ideas keeps us creatively fresh”… We actively seek out diverse projects in areas of product, furniture, interiors, exhibitions, textiles and packaging.

“We believe in collaboration – good design does not happen in isolation”… Best described by the Japanese proverb “none of us are as smart as all of us”.

“Outward thinking – it’s not about us, it’s about them”… For us design is not “art” or “self-expression”, we are inspired by the needs and desires of others.

“Holistic design… it’s about considering everything, and being open to the possibilities”… A constant combination of ‘pulling back’ to consider the big picture, and ‘zooming in’ on the details.

“People – real solutions are about real people, never lose sight of people”