Jul 2014 24

DQ-Imagination-PartnersDQ Imagination Partners with Woven Image

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bangdesign have for some time been fascinated by “network theory”.  This interest continues to spark many thoughts around the way ideas form, and the constant interconnection and interplay of the way experiences, memory, creativity, conversation and problem-solving come together when we all design and innovate… it’s like a “mind-storm”.

The MINDSTORM sculpture is made up of a collection of shapes (like X and Y chromosomes, mixed with pieces of thought-lines); and this supposedly random collection of shapes connect with each other (in a way like synapses connect in the brain and ideas are formed).

The MINDSTORM installation represents these ideas and is intended to create an animated and inspiring space where individuals and groups can gather to let their “brainstorming hair down”. These aspirations seem like the perfect tribute to Woven Image’s Imagination Partner campaign, and the 25-year collaboration between bangdesign and Woven Image.