We're Changing the Chemistry of Conversations

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” - Plato


We’re Changing the Chemistry of Conversations

bangdesign has imagined an unconventional new concept for inspiring better, less inhibited, more engaging meetings.

Called Hatch, the concepts are designed to reboot the way people come together...Read More »

Popcorn for your Eyes

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” - Edgar Degas


Popcorn for your Eyes

When we set about cooking up the humble pentagon into a range of new textile combinations, our idea was to create visuals that play with the eye and play with the mind. Shapes that shift perception....Read More »

Imagination Partners

DQ Imagination Partners with Woven Image

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bangdesign have for some time been fascinated by “network theory”.  This interest continues to spark many thoughts around the way ideas form, and the constant interconnection and interplay of the way experiences, memory, creativity, conversation and problem-solving come together...Read More »

Design Awards Hall of Fame

Australian International Design Awards 

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It’s easy to think of the design process as being a linear one, as a journey
from brief to solution in a straight line. After all, a designer starts off with
a need, ‘a brief’ – be it...Read More »

A View from Downunder


Monday Morning Quarterback 

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Two weeks ago MMQB’s cover story presented an interesting snapshot on the state of mind around ‘theoffice furniture industry at the crossroads’, where it debated the fork-in-road: ‘consolidation = lowest common commodity’ verses ‘innovation = design lead growth’....Read More »

Deeply Connected


Deeply Connected – Indesign 41  

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Before Facebook, Twitter and  Linkedin, the notion that everyone
and everything was inter-connected with each other wasn’t quite as self evident as it now seems. ‘Six degrees of separation’ was how it was popularly couched. There...Read More »




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There are two problems with talking about office chairs: 1.) they’re boring and 2.) Herman Miller’s already got them dialed. But every once in a while, an office furniture company comes along that begs not to be ignored. bangdesign’s office...Read More »



InDesign Luminary 24  

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Stepping inside the shopfront in Sydney’s Balmain where David Granger and Bryan Marshall operate Bangdesign, the door bangs loudly behind me – a jangling introduction to the spare, low-key atmosphere of the studio. I join Granger and Marshall around a Bangdesign...Read More »

Canberra Times

Canberra Times 

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One Sydney firm has made it its business to integrate modern lifestyles into industrial design. bangdesign, established by former Canberrans Bryan Marshall and David Granger, has been operating for 16 years and has just released a new range of furniture under the name of ‘‘Pli’’,...Read More »

Bang on Design


InDesign 09  

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Millions of television viewers from Sweden to Swaziland saw their designs during the Sydney 2000 Olympics.Their furniture designs have been exhibited around the world and are part of the permanent collection of the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Their ‘Plus’ range of...Read More »